Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stampin Up Punched Halloween Spiders Tutorial

Hello everyone. I made a Halloween Page of Savannah using these precious spiders. So I thought I would tell you how to make one in this quick tutorial. And then upload the page tomorrow.. These are made with SU punches, and are sooo easy..
You will need:
SU Scallop Circle Punch
SU 1 3/8 " Circle Punch
SU Photo Corner Punch
Cardstock ~ I used SU Dusty Durango CS and Doodlebug Crushed Velvet
Googly eyes ~ I used 6mm, but you can use larger

ones if you like
SU Marker or Stickles
Pop Dots
And I used Super Glue because of the crushed velvet dp.

So now you punch the legs out with the photo punch you will need 4 small in one color and 4 large in the other color to make 1 spider.

Now punch out 2 bodies with the SU Scallop Circle Punch.
And punch out 1 circle using the SU 1 3/8" Circle Punch.
Now layer the legs as shown in picture. And layer the circle over one of the Scalloped Circles, as shown in picture.

Now position the front legs behind the body, as shown, and glue or tape. Now position the back legs on top of the other body, as shown. You may want to lay the top layer on top of the bottom layer to get the legs where you want them. Add the eyes on the top layer.
Now originally you would put a piece of candy (thin mint) between the layers. They are wonderful to give out at daycare or school,
or even to your little grand~goblins... But I put pop dots between
the layers since I was going to use this little cutie on my scrapbook page. I put 4 pop dots, but you don't have to use so many. I've also used 3 and even 1 before. Use as many as you want.. Add stickles or make dots with the SU marker around the edge of the Scallop Circle.
And there it is, just the cutest little spider.
Thanks so much stopping in, and be sure and come back to see my page when I get it uploaded... Not quite done yet... But will be soon..
Have a wonderful evening...

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Joan Ervin said...

EEEEEK!!!! What an adorable spider....thanks sooo much for the tutorial, Fern...gotta make some of those for sure!!!!!

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