Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Cards and My Little Country Christmas Tree

Hello everyone... I've been very busy finishing off my Christmas Cards, and I think I have succeeded. They are all ready to be put in the mail next week. I can't believe that I finished 'em so early this year!!!

I also did most of my Christmas shopping yesterday and I got everything wrapped and under the tree. I only have a couple more presents to get and everything will be done ~ YEA!!! I think this is the first year in a looong time that I have everything done so early. Maybe it won't be such a stressfull Christmas season after all.
I'm going to try and make a layout tomorrow but no promises, If I do it will be late, so be sure and check back tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!!
Hugs.. :o)
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TexasGrammy said...

***Cheering from N. Texas!!***
Congrats on having accomplished so much Christmas preparation by this time of the month! WOW!

I do have half of the shopping done ... the easy & fun G'kids. ;) The adults always keep me guessing. LOL


Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Wow - good for you! I just started my cards last weekend and have 10 of 40 completely done and the rest in various stages of 'doneness'! Maybe next year I'll be as efficient as you!

Jenny Gropp said...

WOW -- fabulous cards!

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