Thursday, March 25, 2010

WOW Another Award!!

OMWord, look what I received from TR over at ButtonsBugsandBlogs..  Thank you TR you're such a sweetheart. And it's not even my B-day or Christmas!!!
To receive this award I must share 7 things about myself: and pass it on to 15 other bloggers:
Well here are 7 things about myself: (These are going to be scrappy things.)

1.  I Love Prima Flowers!!!
2.  I love Beautiful Paper!!!
3.  I'm learning to use my Cricut more!!!
4.  The more bling the better!!!!
5.  I'm a swirlydoos subscriber and I loooooove their kits!!!!
6) I'm probably the messiest scrapper ~ I can't even see the top of the counter most of the time!!! lol
7) I love to shop and!!!

Now as to passing this on ~ I choose to pass this to all of my followers!!  You don't know how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.  So if you don't have this Beautiful Blog Award, please take it!!!

Thanks again TR for thinking of me... I feel so fortunate and happy to be able to call you my friend!!!!
Hugs  :o)

(I have had soooo many problems with my computer the last 2 days..  I hope today is better!!)
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Sandy said...

Yay Yay Yay for you....I am not sure if I forgot to leave a message when I posted my awards but you were one of my five for the Ms Brightside as well...cuz you certainly spread the sunshine around my friend...hope you are having a great day! You so deserve all this luv my crafty friend!

Audrey Frelx said...

Congratulations!!! And, oh-yea, it is soooo fun!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...


flowerdisco said...

It is hard to choose right? Congratulations to you and to all of your followers too.

TeenaBugg38 said...

LOL......I love reading these! I am a messy scrapper too. I get so frustrated because I can never find what I am looking for and it's usually buried under something right there in front of me. I scrap on the kitchen table because I don't have my own space YET!!! But I get to fix a room up soon all for me....yayyyyy

TR said...

((HUGS)) back at ya.
I haven't been over here for a few days! I was pleasantly surprised to see the Buttons Blog mentioned. :D You're a dear. I always enjoy your comments and coming to see what you've been doing.

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