Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lil Ms Bright Side Award!!!

Hello everyone!!!   Look at this sweet Blog Award that Sandy from Details by Sandy sent me!!!  Thank you Sandy, you're such a sweetie for thinking of me!!  This is what I have to do to except the lil Ms Bright Side Award.
1) share 10 things that make you happy.
2) share 5 bits of trivia about me.
3) Pass this award to 5 other bloggers....
So here goes:

10 things that make me happy:
1)  My Sweet Hubby!!
2) I'm so proud to see my children grow into wonderful and caring adults. 
3) Grandchildren, I can't get enough of these little munchkins.. After all, that's the only thing we have to show for our lives after we're gone.
4) Country life.
5) My Scrap Studio, I could stay in there for days......
6) The friends that I have made thru blogging...
7) Spring.. 
8) Anything chocolate!
9) Sitting on the porch early in the morning with a cup of coffee..
10) Hayrides with the grandkids..

Now 5 trivia things about me:
1) I was born and raised in Oklahome, moved to New Mexico for 4 years and now I'v been in Texas for 18 years.
2) I am a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother.
3)  I have been married for almost 34 years to my high school sweetheart.
4) I have worked in the Title Insurance Business for 28 years.
5)  I am a grandmother of 2 (Savannah and Colten) and will be 3 in June (Zach). 

Now I am going to pass this on to 5 bloggers:
1)  Audrey Frelx  ~ Cute and Some
5)  Jane ~ Scossie Jane

I want to thank Sandy again! Please check out these creative blogs!!!  You won't be disappointed
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs  :o)
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BeautifulDees said...

I love your blog and congrats on your award. My mom's name is also Fern and my new grand baby that will be born in June will be named Autumn Fern, great name, I know because my mom is the very best.
Love ya,Debbie

Crystal said...

Congrats on the award sweetie and thank you sooo much for thinking of me, AWWW you are tooo sweet!! Enjoy your Monday!

RobinJ said...

Congratulations Fern! What a cute Award. Enjoy!

Lorraine said...

big congrats on your award hun you deserve it xx

Love crafts forever said...


Scossie Jane said...

Thank you sooooo much for thinking of me Fern and passing on the award. I will display it with pride on my next post.

Hugs xx

Anonymous said...


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Fern, you are such a sweetheart!!! Congratulations on this adorable award, and thank you so much for thinking of me to pass it on to!!! You will just never know how much I appreciate all your kindnesses!!!

I'll grab it as soon as I can breathe normally -- LOL!

Barb Craft said...

Fern... congratulations on Lil Ms Bright Side!! It is the perfect award for you and your blog!! Loved learning a little more about you... and I'm with you... can must always have chocolate!! And oh... did I forget to mention... I have some more blog love for you! Stop by and check it out!! Have a great day!
Barb :)

TeenaBugg38 said...

Fern you are way too sweet!! TY!! I have filled out my answers and passed it along :)

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