Monday, July 19, 2010

I Truly Feel Blessed To Have So Many Friends!!!

WOW, look what my sweet friend passed on to me last week!!!  Not just 1 but 2 blog awards!!  Thank you so much Aaron from Scrapinlils Creative Side.  She is such a sweetie and she doesn't do just one thing, she does it all...  Go check out her bog and see what I mean, you won't be disappointed.   I feel a little bad about just now getting this posted , but it's been a wild and crazy weekend..  I have been playing Grandma most all weekend and just luvin' it...  Friday I spent all day with DD Amanda and sweet little Zach..  He turned 3 weeks old and weighs in at 9 lbs., and is 21 inches long....  Wow, talk about growing right before your eyes!!!  He was soooo sweet.....  And Grandma just couldn't hold him enough...  For the most part he's doing pretty good at night, just had a couple of really rough ones so far...  But he also has had some good ones...  So, all in all, I think they are going to keep him!!!!!! lol...
Saturday I did some much needed things around the house,  inside and out. 
And then Sunday from noon till around 8:30 PM I had the other little ones over...  DS Levi brought over Savannah and Colten, while DDIL went in to work to try and get caught up while it was quiet.  Savannah, being 5,  does very well, but little Colten, at 20 months, well, he's all boy and loves to climb on everything, and he thinks he's just a big as Savannah, so, poor baby has so many bumps and bruises on his little head it's not funny...  And I don't think the little guy ever walks, he's at a full run the whole time....  Anyway, I love being a Grandma and I looooove my little grand babies.. So if I have to put my scrapping on the back burner every now and then, so be it...  But I'm here now... So, again, I want to thank  Aaron for thinking of me.  Now I must pass this on to more of my blogging friends..  So in no particular order here goes:

1) Lorraine from Lorraine's Creations:  This little gal is the sweetest person....  Always has something nice to say..  And I mean that Lorraine!!!!  And her cards are just beautiful!!!!

2) Brenda from Rose Blossom Legacy:  One of my newest friends and co-designer over at Sketches In Thyme..  She always has something new to share!!  You have to check her out!!!

3)  Staci from Precious Memories Scrapbooking:  This is one very sweet and talented lady...  And if you need any info on the SCAL this is the person...  And she also likes to share!!!  And she also does some pretty awesome layouts and cards!!!

4) Dawn from Dawn's Craft Place:  Another wonderful friend and co-designer over at Sketches In Thyme...  This lady is soooo bubbly you can't help but love her!!!!!  I wished I had half the energy she had!!!  lol  She is making something new everyday!!!

5)  Tanya from Random Acts of Kindness:  I first worked with Tanya over at Practical Scrappers and I'm now working with her on the Sketches In Thyme DT..  She is a wonderful friend and has 2 adorable little girls.  How do I know?  Because she scraps them..  Check it out!!!

6)  Beth from Inky Fingers Rule:  This is another new friend, but this time from The Pink Elephant Scrapbook Challenge Team....  Beth does beautiful work so please check out her blog!!!

7)  Pat from A Scrappin' Nana:  Pat is another new friend I've just made and is also a co-designer over at Sketches In Thyme.  I honestly do not know how this sweet lady does all of the challenges that she does...  WOW, if you're board and need something to do, you have to check out her blog for all of the new challenges going on out there in blogland!!!  Pat, you "ROCK"!!

8)  Jane from Scossie Jane:  Jane is one of my dearest friends that I've known for quite awhile now...  She has 3 beautiful little grand daughters and does some amazing things with the cricut!! 

9) Diana from All The Day's of Our Lifes:  Diana is another new and dear friend I've met from Sketches In Thyme...  She is a very talented  and has some beautiful layouts over on her blog you won't want to miss.. 

10)  Debbie from Love Life's Little Pleasures:  I've met Debbie awhile back through and we are now on Sketches In Thyme Design Team...   Debbie's work is beautiful... What else can I say..  If you don't believe me, go check it out for yourself.

I hope you go and check out all of these blog sites ~ I feel so lucky to know and work with a lot of these wonderful and talented people...  You truly do meet the best people through scrapping....   You all are the best!!!!

Aaron, thanks again!!!!!!
Hugs to you all!!!!
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Dawnll said...

Aww you sweetie you1 How wonderful and such nice words about me. You so deserve this wonderful honor of all the blog awards made. I am really honored that you think I am at all talented.
I think I am the lucky one to have met all you special ladies at Sketches In Thyme, and thankful that Kim asked me to join your special group.
Hugz to you sweetie!

Lorraine said...

oh huni i really am honoured and you have been so good to me and everything i say i mean from the bottom of my heart truely and thankyou for this amazing award it means so much to me it really does
Lorraine xx

Sandi Clarkson said...

Congrats on your new blog awards! You certainly earned them! Your weekend sounds delightful! Although I love scrapping and it's creative therapy, my grandbabies would come first with me too! I'm anxious to see some more pix of Zach, so hope you post some soon! Grandma ... ain't it wonderful!

Crystal said...

Fern congrats on the awards but WOOOOOHOOO even more for getting to spend time with your grandbabies! I wish my parents lived closer, they only get to see Caitlyn maybe twice a year :(

Unknown said...

Congrats to you, sweetie! You so deserve these awards!!!! You are so creative and talented. I think that Grandma is even more important than mom, sometimes....I know it must be so much more FUN!!!!!!
Kim xXx

Beth aka BR-T said...

Fern thank you so much you touched my heart! Beth

Brenda said...

Fern, thank you so much for these awards! You are a great inspiration over at Sketches in Thyme, and it has been a pleasure to get to know you!!

Unknown said...

Fern, congratulations for the award, and thank you so much for awarding me with one, Your work is always amazing It's really been great getting to know you. Scrappy friends are friends for life.
As soon as I have a minute I will post it on my blog. Thank you again.

Debbie said...

Fern - so sweet of you to pass this one to me. I have been sort of MIA in blog land. My FIL was diagnosed a week ago with terminal cancer and most of my nights have been at the hospital. Even though I am divorced I remain in contact with my in laws. Sadly tonight he has taken a turn for the worse, now it is in God's hands. Hope to have time later to post this on my blog.
Thanks :) debbie

Scossie Jane said...

Dear, dear Fern, thank you soooo much for passing on these awards to me. You so deserve them, and I am amazed you find me worthy (could this be an Oscar speech!!!hehe). Seriously. Thank you Fern, love ya xx

Pat said...

Thank you for the award!! I love your work & glad I am on the DT with you!

Darien said...

Congratulations!!!!! you well deserve it!!!!

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Thanks for the awards & all your sweet comments about me and my talents... I am not a go~to for scal though, I am self taught and know the basics, but if I can help anyone I certainly will try. Thanks again I love your layouts above!! YOU are so talented!!

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